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Process Filtration for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry


The oil and gas industry continues to innovate more cost effective and environmentally responsible methods for extracting and refining crude oil into the wide range of products we have become dependent on for heat, light and transportation. Filter elements play a key role in process filtration by physically filtering particulates from the crude oil. Stacked into units, these very large Sewn End Filter Elements (also known as Radial Finned or Radial Pleated Elements) must be able to tolerate extremely high-temperatures as the hot crude oil enters the coker directly from the pipeline.

Custom-made to order according to each refinery’s unique specifications, Dynamic Filtration’s Sewn End Filter Elements have inner cores fabricated of perforated cold-rolled steel that have been dipped in a rust-inhibiting varnish, or optional perforated stainless steel for additional durability. The sewn or bonded filter media is made of various materials and pleated over a wire cage. These filters offer superior quality and a longer filter service life. Each filter can be refurbished multiple times and then retired in the most environmentally responsible method possible. The result: more efficient process filtration, a higher quality end product, and an environmentally responsible choice.

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