Concrete Production

Dust Collection in Concrete Production


Health hazards associated with cement dust and silica exposure are well documented and the concrete production industry has done its utmost to design and incorporate filtration systems that protect employees, maximize equipment life, and ensure efficient concrete production.

In concrete production, the facility’s dust collection system plays several critical roles:

  • - Safeguard the health and safety of employees.
  • - Meet or exceed regulatory requirements for particulate matter emission levels.
  • - Protect and maintain plant equipment and vehicles.
  • - Ensure maximum production efficiency.

But, a dust collection system is only as effective as the concrete dust filters installed in them. As filter materials degrade, particulate can enter the stream, lowering quality and even taking down the whole line.

Dynamic Filtration’s moulded end filter elements’ superior construction and upgraded polyester micron ensure a longer filter service life, a higher quality end product, and safer working environment. Our concrete dust filters can be cleaned with an air compressor, or washed with mild detergent, dried and re-installed. Our customers in the concrete production industry trust our concrete dust filters for their superior quality and long life.

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