The Importance of Dust Collection in Concrete Production

October 10, 2019

Fine dust particles are widely regarded as a pollutant capable of negatively impacting neighboring premises and overall air quality. This bodes especially true for the concrete batching industry, where daily operations encompass a range of operations that utilize raw materials such as sand, cement, and water – all of which result in a considerable amount of dust and dust build-up.


As leading designers and manufacturers of industrial filtration products such as concrete dust filters, we understand the importance of dust collection when it comes to the concrete batching industry.


The Adverse Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Dust


Adverse effects attributed to dust in humans largely depend on particle size. Dust particles can contain microscopic solids or liquids that are small enough to be lodged in our lungs or find their way into our bloodstreams – resulting in serious respiratory problems. Larger particles can irritate the nose, throat, and eyes.


The Relevant Legislation


In Canada, relevant legislation regarding occupational exposure limits (OELs) when it comes to concrete and silica dust changes from province to province. All Canadian provinces and territories, with the exception of the Yukon – base their threshold limit values (TLVs) which have been set by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Other factors that contribute to determining OELs depend on industry, review process, related studies, and timing, depending on province.


The Benefits of Concrete Dust Filters


Equipment and machinery that utilize concrete dust filters must be implemented to ensure dust is kept at a minimum in concrete production plants. That’s why Dynamic Filtration designs and manufactures dust filters that serve to effectively safeguard the health and safety of employees, equipment, and vehicles, meet regulatory emissions requirements and OELs, and to maximize production efficacy.


Our dust filters meet these needs by design – with upgraded polyester micron material which is easy-to-maintain and guaranteed to yield greater durability and service life. For all your air filtration needs, call Dynamic Filtration today!


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