Importance Of Dust Collection In Concrete Production

May 14, 2024
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Concrete is the basic building block of the modern construction industry. However, the process of creating concrete can be quite a hazardous process. The major issue pertaining to concrete manufacturing is the huge buildup of dust. In this blog, we will explore some potential health risks of ingesting or inhaling this concrete dust, some regulations surrounding this process, and how certain industrial filters, namely concrete dust filters can help solve the problem.


Hazards Associated With Concrete


Fundamentally, there are two types of concrete dust or particles created during the manufacturing process:

- Large particles that impact the eyes, nose and throat, and can irritate them with prolonged exposure.

- Smaller particles which can enter the lungs of an individual via inhaling and can lead to major respiratory problems down the line.


Legislation Regarding Concrete Pollutants


Although there is no universal legislation regarding exposure limits to concrete dust, many provinces in Canada follow the standards set by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Therefore, with a somewhat standard measure of acceptable limits, it is critical to use the appropriate industrial filters to stay protected from concrete dust.


Role Of Concrete Dust Filters


To ensure that pollution levels stay within acceptable limits, concrete dust filters are employed in many such facilities as well as construction sites. Made primarily of polyester, these filters are designed for constant reuse and are known for their extreme durability and performance. 


They also offer significant protection to workers as well as sensitive equipment in any facility that runs the risk of high exposure to concrete dust. Therefore, due to its feasibility and quality, these industrial filters are a staple across numerous industries.


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