4 Reasons Why You Need Concrete Dust Filters

August 04, 2020

For many first-time heavy-industry businesses, cutting budgets on concrete dust filters and other safety equipment seems like a sensible option. Unfortunately, this is a bad practice. Concrete filters and all different types of safety equipment are necessary for industrial work, and cutting funding for them is a violation of many employment laws.

Here are four reasons why you should never compromise the quality of safety filters your workers use:


Silica is a Dangerous Particle

Silica is present in many crystals, such as quartz. When it combines with air, it can form crystals of different kinds. If you or your workers inhale silica and it mixes with fresh oxygen in your lungs, it will crystallize. In consequence, this can cause you and your employees massive health damages -- even by just inhaling a sand grain-sized particle. This possibility makes it essential for all workers to have their concrete dust filters.


It's Almost in Every Kind of Industrial Work Environment

Silica is present in almost every work environment. For example, the baking industry uses silica gel to prevent powdery food from caking together. Pharmaceuticals package most capsules with a silica packet to prevent capsule breakdown. In construction, fabrication, and manufacturing sites, silica is present in cement, drywall, ceramic, brick, stone, and many other foundational materials.  


Vacuum and Air-Compression Tools Increase Risk of Silica Inhalation

Unfortunately, many heavy industries that use vacuuming or pneumatic tools are at higher risk of silica infection. Concrete dust filters won't only protect the lungs from inhaling dangerous silica, it also prevents the entry of micro-metal fragments from foundries and metal fabrication sites.


It's Easy to Find Them In The Market

Companies such as Dynamic Filtration have always produced the best dust filters that protect you and your workers against silica. Businesses will have no excuse not to find affordable safety solutions for all your operations.


Get The Best Filters Available

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