4 Compelling Reasons To Install Concrete Dust Filters

December 17, 2021

Cement is a major building material used in the construction industry that gives rise to generations of skyscrapers, residences, and other structures. However, its dust and microscopic sediments are potentially fatal to the construction crew who breathe it in while working. If you manage or lead a team of construction workers, then it's paramount to equip your employees with the right concrete dust filters in the form of masks or other means. Otherwise, it can result in serious health problems for your team in the long run. 



To elaborate further, here are 4 hazards you can avoid by using concrete dust filters.



Nasal Damage

Scores of tiny, hardened particles of concrete dust can enter the nasal cavity of a person working in close proximity to the material. Moreover, these particles have sharp surfaces capable of causing cuts and other aerial passage damages. However, with proper concrete dust filters, you and your team can safely inhale air that is free from dust heavy environments.



Even blunt concrete particulates pose a massive health risk to workers and can lead to choking and difficulty in breathing. Thus, wearing masks and installing concrete filters is strictly advised to avoid this subtle but potentially lethal situation for any worker. Even though high-quality concrete filters might be a hefty investment, the long-term health benefits of your employees justify it.


Crystalline Silica in Lungs

The main lethal element in concrete particulates is crystalline silica, a leading cause of the disabling and fatal lung disease called silicosis. With the right concrete filters, you can safeguard your employees from this interstitial lung disease, which can potentially cause a lot of damage to your alveoli in the lungs.


Lung Cancer

Lastly, crystalline silica can not only cause significant physical damage and lung problems, but it can also lead to horrible long-term illnesses such as lung cancer. A handful of studies have shown a strong connection between crystalline silica inhalation and lung cancer cases across the world.


Thus, with a better understanding of the health implications of breathing in concrete particles, it would be wise and even necessary to install some quality concrete dust filters.


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