Why Vigilant Replacement of Dust Collector Filters is Important

September 10, 2019

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a dust collection system is knowing when the right time is to get replacement filters for your dust collectors. If you do not replace your filters when required, you could be facing the risks of dust hazard exposure, which is not only bad for the health of your workers, it can also potentially result in fires or explosions. A clogged filter can also increase the operating costs of the air compressor machinery and cause further damage to the system’s bearings and fans.


Filter Blinding


Filter blinding can result from overuse of a filter, of if a filter has simply reached its maximum lifespan. At this point, the filter is considered already depth-loaded with dust, and as such even a deep cleaning will not fully solve your problem as the filter will still struggle to handle the level of airflow required by the system. As such, acquiring replacement filters for your dust collector is the way to go.


The extent of filter blinding will also depend on many other factors such as the specific type of dust being filtered, humidity levels, chemical composition of the gas stream, operating conditions, and so on.


Damaged Filter


Nothing can be done about a damaged filter except to have it replaced. It should be relatively easy to tell if your filter has been damaged, such as if you notice dust streaming out or building up in the collector’s exhaust. A rapid drop in differential pressure may also indicate that the filter is damaged. There are accessories that can help you with detecting damage, such as a broken bag sensor.


Another possible reason for a damaged filter are excessive heat and moisture, which can cause the filter bag to lose its dimensional stability which and thus failing to filter the dust properly. Other causes include mechanical wear from over-pulsing, abrasive dust, and other damaged filter components.


Knowing when to get replacement filters for your dust collectors is pivotal to the continued health and success of your operating systems. Get in touch with Dynamic Filtration today for more information.


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