When To Replace Dust Collector Filters

November 23, 2021

Filters play a huge role in the efficient operation of a dust collection system. Hence, if you are on this side of the business, it is very important that you know the different tactics to clean and maintain filters, and when to replace them if need be. Thus, apart from regular inspection, you should be prepared to get replacement filters for your dust collectors at short notice. To know whether or not a filter has exhausted its use, it’s important to know the signs. 



Here are a few signs it’s time to replace the dust collectors filters:



Check The Pressure Differential 


Most dust collector systems have a pressure differential gauge in place as an indicator that can be used to gain a quick understanding of the filter’s quality. In general, when the reading in the gauge is higher than 6”, then it indicates a need for immediate replacement. Although it might not be accurate in all scenarios, it does work well as a general rule of thumb. The reason behind this rationale is that if the pressure goes higher than the above number, then airflow would drop. Hence, changing and replacing the filters at this point would help maintain good air quality and airflow. 


Visual Inspection 


In the absence of the filter gauge, there are other ways to determine the time to replace the filters. For instance, if there is dust coming out of the fan exhaust or if there is a strange odour to the filtered air, then is it highly likely that there’s a big hole or a bad leak in or around the filter. In a similar fashion, if you spot dust coming out from the source, it may also indicate that the filter is dirty or clogged, along with a drop in airflow.


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