When Should You Get Replacement Filters For Dust Collectors?

June 07, 2022

If you use a dust collector to filter out your air, then you should be aware that they have a finite lifespan. Once enough dust accumulates on your filter, both its efficiency and airflow will decrease. Thus, it is very important that you change these filters on time to ensure better air quality as well as improved productivity. In order to achieve this, it’s crucial to know when to get replacement filters for your dust collectors before it’s too late.


Timeline for filter replacement.


When it comes to air filtration systems, the loads and requirements from a system vary for each operation. This also means that the frequency of replacing these filters is subjective. Therefore, you must inspect the dust buildup on your air filters on a regular basis. This would help you to monitor them effectively and determine the typical lifespan of the filters. This in turn will aid in you replacing them at the best possible time. However, apart from determining the timeline, it is also important to be aware of a few indicators.


Indicators For Replacement


Here are some instances that can help you decide on the replacement:


Higher pressure: The first and major indicator of the air filter’s condition is the pressure differential gauge. If the gauge indicates a pressure reading higher than 6 inches, then the filters need to be replaced. However, since gauge results can vary depending on the application, make sure it’s applicable in your specific case. 


Airflow drop: Another indication is a drop in airflow that is often the result of higher differential pressure. You can check this out with the manual of your dust collector’s filtration system to validate. 


Visual inspection: If you are seeing dust particles floating freely in the air, it’s a clear sign that you should check and replace the filters as soon as possible. 


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