What It Takes To Manufacture A Custom Air Filter

September 11, 2020

You definitely know the saying that one size doesn’t fit all. This exactly holds true in the case with OEM manufacturers and designers of a custom filter that is used in numerous industrial air filtration applications. The correct design and manufacturing of the filter is what defines the huge difference between a failed and a successful filtration. Almost all parts of the air filter system can be customized and incorporated to meet the requirements of a certain application - be it for a cooling tower or industrial air compressor, or it could even be for an electronic enclosure, a highly customized and tailored air filter can give your company amazing benefits. 


What does it take to manufacture a custom filter?


As for the material of your custom filter element, it can be made using many different options from bonded aluminum to a copper mesh. The element also comes in different densities, shapes, and thicknesses as well as the frames. They can be made from steel or galvanized vinyl. It goes without saying, therefore, that it can be quite challenging to choose which one best fits your needs. Proper selection means considering all the areas involved in achieving optimal filtration. These factors include the efficiency needed for particular contaminants, any restrictions in size, air flow restrictions, and so on.


Only knowing those parameters that the designer can start the process of designing the filter and forward it for forming and fabrication. Once all parts have been created, assembly follows until your customized filter can be shipped to your facility. Your filter media can come in various forms and types, including cleanable or disposable. It depends on the specific application you have and your preference. When it comes to time required to complete the entire process of manufacturing your custom filter component, it depends on the size and type of the filter you specify and the steps involved.


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