What are the Functions of Hydro Excavation Filters?

September 27, 2021

Hydro excavation is a crucial industrial process that many companies rely on. It is principally a soil removing process that utilizes pressurized water to loosen dirt and soil, creating a slurry. Vacuums are then used to remove the slurry from the intended layer. The use of a vacuum over mechanical tools is meant to help prevent damage to potential piping or lines in the soil. For these vacuums to function properly, they need good hydro excavation filters.



Here are two of the main roles that hydro excavation filters play in ensuring the productivity of your soil removal operations:


Preserves the Durability of Vacuum Excavators

Vacuum extractors are put under heavy-duty conditions and workloads. Good filtration is needed to ensure that the dirty environment does not negatively affect the health of your vacuum. Hydro excavation filters help keep sediment and other dirt from the inner mechanical components of your vacuum. This sediment can cause parts to jam and reduce the efficiency of your vacuum.


Guarantees Efficient Operations

Any system that utilizes some form of vacuum or ventilation will require good filtration in order to operate properly. This principle is observed in HVAC systems, where clogged or poorly filtered vents can result in air conditioning being subpar. The same applies to hydro excavation operations. Poorly performing filters will result in your hydro excavation vacuum not performing as required, resulting in delayed operations.


These filters are incredibly heavy-duty and are made to withstand the harsh conditions of excavations. However, if they were to somehow become damaged or lose their productivity, you will need to have them replaced as soon as possible or inspected to ensure their performance lapse is not due to a fixable superficial error.


Make sure your technicians inspect all the key components of your vacuum every now and then, especially the hydro excavation filter, to ensure that your machinery is always ready take on the jobs in its path.

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