Welding Filters Increase Machine Shop Productivity

July 06, 2021

As you keep up with the demands of your clients, you also have to ensure the safety of everybody on the manufacturing floor. Otherwise, work productivity and worker health is at stake. Important equipment such as welding filters have to be in place.



In this blog, we will discuss the important steps to take, such as installing a welding filter, to keep your shop safe and productive:



An Efficient Air Filtration System


A safe and comfortable workspace is vital if you want a conducive working environment for your workers. Welders and metal fabricators expose themselves to toxic contaminants daily. To ensure they are in good shape to do their job, they should be protected from harmful impurities that can wreak havoc on their health.


An efficient filtration system is one key to achieve contaminant-free indoor air. The quality of the welding filter used is important. The appropriate welding filter should be able to filter out grinding dust and welding fumes before they can cause harm.


Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)


It is well-documented that welding fumes can cause serious health problems. Depending on the material welded, welding fumes can contain iron oxide, nickel, chromium, cadmium, and manganese.


After making sure that your working area is well ventilated and has an efficient air filtration system, invest in the right PPE for everyone on the machine shop floor. See to it that the following equipment is available to protect workers from head to toe:


  • welding helmet
  • hand shield
  • googles
  • respirators
  • fire/flame resistant clothing and apron
  • earmuffs/earplugs
  • boots
  • gloves


Because of the risks, processes such as welding and plasma cutting would require full-face protection. Check the CCOHS guidelines to learn more about worker safety and workplace hazards.


For any of your filter needs, Dynamic Filtration offers industrial filters for a wide variety of applications. Our welding filters are used in the metal fabrication industry to promote air quality and ventilation in high dust working environment. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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