Understanding the Performance Benefits of Pleated Air Filters

September 13, 2021

When it comes to filtration costs, standard throwaway filters are usually the least expensive option. This is understandable because they also have the least protection capabilities for your HVAC systems. As such, it is generally considered that pleated air filters, while more expensive, are a better alternative.



In today’s blog, we will be explaining what a pleated air filter is and what makes its performance so impressive.



Why is it called a pleated air filter?


The term pleated describes exactly the filter’s construction and design. The filter media has a long, folded pattern. This allows the filter to have an increased surface area and density while not contributing to significant airflow reduction. Moreover, pleated air filters are capable of collecting more particles than throwaway filters without consuming more energy. Furthermore, most pleated air filters can be fitted into slots where standard throwaway units cannot be installed.


When it comes to filtration capacities, most throwaway filters are capable of trapping only about 20% or less of air contaminants that can affect the quality of your indoor air. On the other hand, pleated filters are rated to capture more than 90% of those same particles. They are even capable of filtering over 80% of micron-sized particles such as bacteria and emission particles.


In terms of reduction in airflow, the particular design of pleated air filters enables them to perform more efficiently without compromising airflow. In comparison, throwaway filters would need a lot more material to achieve the much higher MERV ratings needed to match the filtration efficiency of their pleated counterparts.


Getting the right type of filter for your home or business is crucial for safety and the preservation of HVAC systems. If you have more questions about pleated air filters, contact us at Dynamic Filtration today and we can help you decide what type of filter best suits your needs.

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