Understanding Filter Elements And Mediums

July 29, 2022

Filter elements are used for many industrial and non-industrial purposes. Essential to maintaining the air quality in any facility, these filter elements are broadly classified as surface and depth filters on the basis of functionality. The difference between the two and a few types of filter mediums will be examined down below. 


Types of Filter Elements and Mediums


Surface Filters

These high-quality surface filters use treated paper and have a uniform pore size. This builds low air pressure as air sweeps through the filtration material. Alternatively, manufacturers also use woven fabric as an alternative to treated paper.


Depth Filters

Depth filter elements use various fiber layers that establish airflow paths. It usually has larger pores to ensure all contaminants stick to the material. If you look at a depth filter's pore rating, it generally has a larger dimension than the actual size rated for the filter.


Various Types of Filter Mediums

Filter elements can be also classified on the basis of filter mediums used in them. Here are 3 such types:


Woven Wire Mesh

These filters use stainless steel or aluminum and have a mesh size of around 15-25 microns. These meshes are typically easy to clean and effectively reusable, depending on their integrity during inspection or maintenance.



5-micron filters use organic and inorganic fibers made of epoxy resin to construct their mesh. Then, it uses another metallic mesh to strengthen this mesh, which is especially necessary for high-pressure operations. Moreover, as the name suggests, the mesh size is very small, which is about 5 microns. However, these filters are disposable and cleaning them is not recommended. Fortunately, you can get adequate filter replacements from top-notch filter manufacturers.



Micronic filters use a special cellulose filter paper that enhances its adherence to other materials. This filter has vertical wrinkles that prevent the passage of contaminants as big as 10 microns. Hence, the mesh sizes as slightly bigger than the filter mentioned above. However, this filter too does not require cleaning, with most technicians opting for disposal and replacement.


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