Types Of Welding Filters And When To Replace Them

February 22, 2022

The key purpose of using a filter in a welding fume extraction system is to capture airborne particles so that they don’t contaminate the breathable air. A welding filter uses various types of media such as cloth or paper, cellulose, fibreglass, or polyester fibres to accomplish this task. Moreover, given the high levels of weld fume accumulation during peak operation hours, it is critical to know about their replacement for maintaining an efficient and hazard-free welding extraction system. 



A Brief Classification and Replacement Tips For Welding Filters



3 Types of Welding Filters


Pre-filter: The major use of a pre-filter is to trap bigger particles and remove them from the system before they can reach the main filter medium. It actually serves as a spark arrestor that is made either from steel or aluminum mesh.


Main filter: This welding filter element is intended to do the majority of the filtering, removing and capturing particles from the welding and grinding processes. 


After filter: Lastly, an after filter is used to remove any remaining particulates from the air. It is designed to capture every tiny weld fume particles that have a diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 microns. It is rated as an extreme, high-efficiency filter due to its great filtration capacities.


3 Signs its time to replace the welding filter


In terms of the indicators that can aid in determining replacements, here are the most common ones:


  • The indicator light on the control panel changes colour, signalling that the filter cartridge is already full.
  • The cleaning system cannot attain a pressure lower than 1500 Pa
  • The suction performance of the extraction filter is still below normal even after doing multiple cleaning.


In conclusion, timely welding filter replacement, along with proper fume exhaust system maintenance is crucial so that airborne particulates don’t endanger employees during the welding process. 


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