The Pros and Cons of a Cleanable Air Filter Set

March 24, 2021

A cleanable air filter set can be the best choice for your machines. However, they're not perfect filters despite helping you manage your resources and savings accordingly. They will work perfectly for certain applications, and then not as well for different ones depending on your filtration needs.


To help you make the best decision, here are the pros and cons of cleanable air filters.






Once dust and grime have restricted airflow, you can circulate your cleanable air filters by washing and drying the other while putting in a fresh filter. Washing only takes a short period of time to remove dust, grime, and dirt. Once it dries, it's ready for use once again.


Decent Performance


A cleanable air filter has a particle resistance level of 75%. This rating is decent enough to remove carpet fibers, human and pet dander, industrial particulates, and other facility-generated particles that can affect your machine and vent's interiors.




Washing air filters contribute to improving your budgets. You can have four cleanable air filters for each machine opposite the usual 10-15 fiberglass filters, which can be quite costly.


Does not Affect Airflow


Fiberglass and polyester filters affect machine airflow because of their thick material. Therefore, companies might need to modify ductwork and other areas to increase and properly regulate airflow for nominal machine performance. Cleanable air filters do not have this issue as often.




Lower Particle Resistance Rating


While cleanable air filters give you excellent filtration, it has a relatively low particle resistance rating compared to disposable fiberglass and polyester filters. Disposable filters have a 95% average resistance rating, which explains their cost and low rate of replacement. However, if your machines can chug along with a 75% resistance rating, then washable filters work well for your objectives.


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