The Importance of Filtering Welding Fumes

November 10, 2020

Welders have firsthand experience when it comes to the gases and fumes generated by welding. Those fumes can have severe health implications and as such, it is vital to filter those fumes out properly. Depending on the specific kind of work you are performing, the degree of exposure and its danger would dictate the level of protection and ventilation you or your workers need. Using the right welding filter can help dramatically decrease the risks of exposure.


Welding fumes are essentially a combination of metallic oxides, fluorides, and silicates.


Each of these have harmful attributes, and when combined, can pose even greater dangers. All this is in addition to other potential air impurities in the work environment. Thankfully, with the use of proper welding filters, those impurities can be prevented from entering the airways of your workers and anyone in the vicinity, or at least reduce them significantly.


When it comes to filtering the air in a workspace, you can either ventilate the entirety of your welding facility or just a specific area where you know the majority of welding work is being done. You can also optimize your filtration activities in terms of which areas have the most workers present. It is widely accepted that ventilation is a helpful measure that can substantially lessen the level of harmful fumes. This is why most shops incorporate top-notch welding filters that meet or even exceed safety standards.


For simple welding processes, there are also disposable masks that can help protect individual welders. While it can be a reliable option at some time, it is not ideal for use in large-scale welding applications. Make sure you consult with a representative when it comes time to selecting the right filter, as there are different classifications that determine the effectiveness of a filter when used in conjunction with specific fumes. Rest assured, the experts at Dynamic Filtration will be able to give you the appropriate turnkey solutions, perfectly fitted to your work environment.


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