The Importance of Cleanable Furnace Air Filters

December 08, 2020

Typically, the air filtration process involves trapping and absorbing airborne contaminants. Over time, the air filters become blocked with trapped airborne particles that can adversely affect their efficiency. However, if you use a cleanable air filter on your filtration system, you can carefully maintain the cleanliness of your filter, thereby increasing its efficiency after washing the filter component.


Cleanable air filters need consistent maintenance, otherwise, using them will be to no avail.


In the case of cleanable furnace filters, they are reusable devices that can protect a heating system for a long period of time. The furnace air system involves pumping air from the outside for heating inside. The heated air then goes through the cleanable air filter before being distributed into your home. The air for distribution then becomes free of any harmful particles but just like regular filters, cleanable air filters will eventually need a replacement.


Though the furnace air filters work great at keeping the heated airflow clean, a clogged filter can put the entire system in danger. The heated air won’t be able to pass through the blockage, resulting in temperature buildup that is beyond the system’s ability to handle. Hence, air quality problems and equipment repairs occur. This is why regular washing of the cleanable air filter is highly recommended to get rid of the blockages.


Cleaning the filter involves considering its efficiency and the environment in which it is used. Context is the key to understanding just how frequently the cleanable air filter needs maintenance. For instance, if the filer is in a location prone to high levels of allergens or air pollutants, then the filters would need to be cleaned or replaced more often than in areas with fewer contaminants. Lastly, when it comes to choosing air filters, keep in mind that the higher their MERV rating is, the faster they become dirty, but they offer better filtration and protection against harmful pollutants.

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