The Essential Role That Industrial Filtration Plays

October 13, 2020

For the water-intensive industries, preserving the quality of water is a very important matter and tends to be something that is considered to be everyone’s responsibility. This is where water filter elements become an essential piece of the device in keeping clean water flowing. Whether it is a cartridge or a panel filter, the use of industrial filtration equipment helps reduce and recycle water, allowing various industries to improve business operations, reduce waste and costs, and more importantly, help protect the environment. All of these aforementioned results eventually lead to an improved bottom line. The safe reuse of greywater, in particular, both in residential and industrial settings, has impacted how water is being conserved for the next generations to come.


What are panel filters used for?


One particular use is for industrial water treatment through a process called lime softening. This heavy filtration process employs lime in which the filter helps deionize the process water while filtering out all the harmful contaminants. These may include but are not exclusive to heavy metals, calcium, magnesium, and other water pollutants. The filtered water, which is now free of unwanted particles, can then be reused for any purpose. It can be returned back into the water supply line of the industry to reuse or can be channeled to irrigation systems. This great opportunity to reuse wastewater makes the filter element very beneficial not just for the processing industry but across a range of other industries.


Moreover, the filtration equipment removes particulates and other unwanted debris from the greywater produced after cleaning and washing clothes and cars. The recycled water can then be used again to clean for more clients, reducing the cost of the operation and the amount of freshwater that is consumed to run the business. The amount of recycled water can go as high as 50% of the total water reused. The same water-saving use of a panel filter element can be found in other industries, such as mining -- these industries are greatly regulated by the EPA to prevent contamination from toxins that they produce. The use of customized industrial filters makes these industries eco-friendly while complying with state and federal regulations.

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