The Essential Guide to Filter Elements

June 25, 2020

Filter elements are an important part of any dust collection system. As its name suggests, filtration elements filter out any unwanted particles from the operation’s production line. As such, it’s best advised to keep your elements maintained and replace them when needed. Depending on the frequency in which you rely on your dust collection system, the more regularly you will have to conduct maintenance. 


The Difference Between Surface and Depth Filter Elements 


When looking for a filtration element, there are two main categories of filter products available: surface and depth filters. Surface filtration elements are commonly made from treated paper, or a woven fabric material. The small size of the element pores enable air to be swept through the filter material, but entraps most of the contaminants the air carries. 


In contrast, depth filters feature layers of fibers or fabric material, creating a winding path that the air must follow. The pore sizing of depth filtration elements are larger than that of their surface element counterparts. 


Now that we have a basic understanding of how filter elements are categorized, let’s now delve into how to properly maintain them.


Conduct Regular Visual Checks


As with any system configuration, it is best advised to conduct regular visual checks to ensure the filter is not clogged with unwanted particles. Regular visual checks are the easiest way to determine if it’s time to replace the element, as you can typically see the build-up on the surface of the filter. 


Do Not Hit the Filtration Element


Be gentle. You might think that hitting the filtration element is a good way to dislodge contaminant build-up. However, the filter element is not a carpet. Mistreatment of the filtration element may result in damage to the filter media. Broken or torn media can end up allowing more unwanted particulate through, putting your system’s engine at risk.


Replace Worn-Down System Components 


It’s just as important to take care of the other components in your dust collection system. Gaskets, and other worn-down components can negatively affect your system’s ability to effectively filter out unwanted air particulates. Always be sure to periodically conduct system checks to ensure peak operational efficiency.


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