The Different Types of Filter Element That Exist

November 12, 2019

Those looking for a filter element will be faced with deciding between two types: a surface filter or a depth filter. Here’s how they differ from one another:


Surface Filters

It is common for surface filters to be made from treated paper or woven fabric with a uniform pore size. The sizing of the pores allows air to sweep through the filter material, all while trapping a large percentage of contaminants upon the surface of the filter.


Depth Filters

Layers of fibers or fabrics are chief in the composition of this filter element, establishing a meandering path for the air to flow through. In order for contaminants to adhere to the depth of the material, as opposed to the surface, the pores are designed to be larger than the rated size of the filter.  


From these types of filter element, it is common to see them comprised out of three types of filter medium, most of which are cleanable. The filter mediums in question are:


Woven wire mesh filter

This filter medium, in a typical use case, is made out of stainless steel, with its mesh size being rated at 15 or 25 microns. It is common practice for these to be cleanable and reusable.


5-micron filter

Depending upon its constituent structure, these filter mediums can exhibit different properties.


The more common structure of which is made from a combination of organic and inorganic fibres, bonded within an epoxy resin; a metallic mesh is also incorporated to impart the mechanical strength needed. Cleaning is not an option for this type.


The less common, but cleanable and reusable, of the 5-micron filter medium is one that is developed from layers of delicate stainless steel fibres that are housed within a controlled matrix.


Micronic filter

This titular filter refers to the micron level of filtration it can provide. Even though this filter medium can be used as a catch-all term, it more often than not is in reference to filter elements comprised of a specially treated cellulose paper filter.


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