The Best Way to Capture Toxic Dust and Weld Fumes

February 25, 2021

Many industrial businesses exist in environments that are exposed to a number of different toxic fumes. There is the question of what would be the best way to deal with this. Would it be ambient air filtration or a source capture system? Though both of them offer their own unique set of benefits, one option appears to be better than the other if you are going to filter fumes and toxic dust. The source capture system is equipped with a uniquely engineered welding filter that keeps dust from getting inside the facility, which can cause serious issues with your indoor air quality and machinery.


Here is why welding filters are the way to go:


The ambient air filtration system is intended to clean and purify the air that is already circulating inside the facility. Hence, a huge volume of dust or weld fumes generated by welding activity and other related operations like grinding is best filtered using a source capture system instead of an ambient air filtration system. Failure to utilize a proper welding filter can be dangerous since welding fumes can be incredibly toxic to the workers in the facility.


In situations where the facilities have processes that spread across a broader space area, especially when the air is contaminated with fewer pollutants, then it may be better served by an ambient air filtration system. This filtration system can then help ensure that the air contaminants won’t stay that long inside your workplace and bring health dangers to the staff and other workers. Therefore, ambient capture would be more suitable for this type of application or operations.


When it comes to the manufacture of metal products and components which involve welding, it is advisable to utilize a source capture filtration system. The major thing to consider, however, is using a highly efficient welding filter element that can fully capture toxic dust and fumes. Doing so means ensuring the safety of your workers as well as also preventing expensive downtime.


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