The Advantages of Pleated Air Filters

February 03, 2021

Industrial air filtration elements can appear in different shapes and sizes. One of the most commonly used is the pleated air filters. These filters can be used for both residential and commercial purposes with a wide range of applications. Often made with polyester, cotton, and paper, they are processed and folded into pleats to improve the filtration surface area. This filter is capable of separating more dust and dirt particles from the air making this design the go-to option in the filtration industry.


Here are some advantages of using pleated air filters.


Better Air Quality

The first and most important advantage of using pleated air filters over regular filters is the air quality it helps produce. With the way a pleated air filter is created in comparison to a regular filter, the extra folds create an additional surface area to capture dust mites, dirt particles, mold spores, bacteria and other allergens that might affect the quality of air circulating in your home. 


Cleaner Home

With the extra surface area being able to trap unwanted particles, the result will be cleaner surfaces in your home. You not need to clean your walls, floors and ceilings as often, and your furniture will be cleaner as a result.


More Energy Efficient

Although the extra folds create additional surface area, the design of the folds actually allows for more air to pass through. The air conditioning system will not be negatively impacted while the filter will be purifying your air quality at a better rate.


Less Maintenance

Another benefit of the pleated design is that it creates a more durable filter. Dust and other particles will impact the filter at a steeper angle which makes it less likely to damage the filter. The additional surface area also means it allows the filter to collect more particles than a regular filter.


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