Protecting Against COVID-19 at the Workplace with Filtration

March 10, 2021

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted workplace health and safety. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions that will allow you to continue essential operations while maintaining the health and safety of your workers.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was already a necessity for fabrication and welding shops to employ the use of welding filters to help reduce harmful welding fumes. This product has become more important now than ever.


Due to the challenges of our current times, good air quality in working spaces is particularly important. Pathogens increases rapidly in enclosed spaces and become more contagious, and this applies to all workplaces, not just welding and fabrication shops. As such, it is necessary for all work areas to have proper ventilation. This can be achieved with the use of effective filtering systems. Ventilation systems that merely circulate air within the workspace are not recommended specifically during COVID-19 times.


Good filtration products for workplace ventilation include welding filters, displacement ventilation systems, or mixed ventilation systems, depending on your applications. 


Here are some additional ventilation measures to take during these times to maximize your health and safety efforts:


  • Have additional and the most effective ventilation measures in areas that are used most frequently
  • Turn on the ventilation systems two hours before and after using the building
  • Run the ventilation system with reduced power towards the end of operation
  • Always check for leaks and make sure your system is well-maintained
  • If you have disposable filters, replace them more frequently than usual


Of course, a good ventilation system is not enough to protect against COVID-19 if your employees and visitors do not practice the recommended social distancing measures. Make sure you enforce these measures properly and that everyone is wearing the appropriate safety gear. For visitors, this would include masks which should be worn indoors at all times.


Ultimately, while filtration systems such as welding filters can give you peace of mind in certain respects, individual responsibility will also tremendously help in curbing the spread of COVID-19. For more information on how our filtration systems can help you increase health and safety at the workplace, give us at Dynamic Filtration a call!

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