Pleated Air Filters: The Best Choice

May 17, 2021

While replaceable filters are the cheapest option to buy, their also have lesser filtration capacity and are thus much better suited for light-duty applications. What would be a better alternative for industrial applications? Consider pleated air filters. These air filters have a face made of pleated cloth or paper folded into a pleated design. This pleated design is intended to increase surface area and density of the filter, making it capable of preventing restricted airflow while still increasing its filtration capacity. What this means is that a pleated filter is capable of collecting more contaminants than its regular counterpart without adding on your energy bill or causing breathing difficulties. Most pleated air filters can be fitted into a slot like most standard throwaway filters.



Apart from their filtering advantages, there are plenty of other reasons why opting for pleated air filters is so worth it.



High quality pleated air filters are able to trap over 90% of particulates contaminating the air in your facility. They are also capable of doing so with the tiniest particles. These include lead dust and legionella. In addition, these filters are also proven to minimize airflow restriction which is very common with the use of throwaway filter elements. This is because the latter filters are usually made from thicker and denser materials which makes it difficult for air to pass through them, hence restricting airflow.


The folded pattern of pleated air filters enable the air to pass through them without reducing airflow. They also do not make your air conditioner or heating system work harder just to trap air contaminants. Lastly, they need low maintenance and replacements. Compared to standard filters that have to change every month, a pleated air filter can do its work for up to three months before maintenance is needed. Thus, you get better protection and bigger savings in using these filters.

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