Pleated Air Filters’ Place in a MERV World

July 16, 2019

Why are pleated air filters so prevalent in the filtration industry, and what is the story behind its success? To provide context on our journey, it makes sense for us to start with the defined standards that the air filter industry work within. A major hallmark of filtration precision comes from what is called Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).


Basics surrounding MERV

MERV is a scale designed three decades ago so that classification on air filter effectiveness could be streamlined.


Since its inception, the MERV scale has been lauded for its significant contribution to the design standards that are now commonplace in the HVAC industry. With emphasis now being placed on the general wellbeing of its users through aspects such as filtering pollutants known to exacerbate health conditions for allergy sufferers, diminishing costs due to tailored air filter solutions, and engineering energy efficient solutions via variable filter designs; the cornerstone of air filtration components on the market today are indebted to the groundwork laid down by the MERV parameters. 


Most residential indoor solutions will be looking to own an air filter that nestles within a MERV grouping of 5 – 12, filtering out household contaminants you’re most likely to be exposed to - this is exactly where pleated air filters shine their brightest.


What Makes Pleated Air Filters so Versatile?

Pleated air filters have a significant lead over historic flat filters in regards to their surface area. This is due to their distinctively engineered design made up of polyester-blend or cotton material that is folded – making for an increase in the air filter’s filtration area.


Being conscious of pleat depths are what should be noted and taken account for when considering which MERV grouping is best suited to your needs. Manufactured depths for pleat filters are known to range from 1 – 6” for moderately efficient filters on the MERV scale, and 6 – 12” for the higher efficiency filters. As you may imagine, with a finer filter comes issues surrounding airflow restriction - in past decades with older technology this was considered an issue, however, with finer filters came larger surface areas, allowing more air to flow through.


Pleated air filters and their scalability and adaptability go hand-in-hand with helping alleviate common HVAC issues experienced by users. Their robust nature lends themselves well to lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans than traditional air filters. If having a handle on contaminants such as mould, dust mites, and pollen with a record of efficacy and affordability, then you may just be in the market for a pleated filter.


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