Pleated Air Filter Versus Fibreglass Filter

January 17, 2022

When it comes to the common HVAC system that is used in a majority of homes, filters take the back seat in terms of priority. Thus, filters are usually never maintained and are only replaced once there is a noticeable change in air quality. Keeping this fact in mind, most companies opt for either pleated air filters or fibreglass air filters, each having quite different properties. Hence, if you need a new filter for your HVAC system and are not sure about which one to choose, then knowing about their differences may help. 


Here are some fundamental properties of pleated and fibreglass air filters.


Pleated Air Filters

Pleated air filters are essentially comprised of tightly wound threads that are not very porous in nature. The majority of filtration happens due to the structure of the filter itself. The material is folded like an accordion, creating a maximum surface area that can effectively trap pollutants. However, since it is so efficient at its function, it is a bit more expensive than traditional fibreglass filters. 


Furthermore, pleated filters were considered problematic for HVAC systems in the past as they reduced airflow due to their superior filtration system, blocking pollutants as well as air in the process. Consequently, it created more strain on the HVAC system and caused technical problems. However, the issue has been resolved long ago with better-designed filters and more powerful HVAC systems.


Fibreglass Air Filters

Fibreglass air filters are the more conventional air filtration solution, made of loosely wound threads that facilitate easy airflow. Moreover, they are also quite inexpensive when compared to their pleated counterparts. Conversely, they are extremely inefficient in filtering out smaller contaminants in the air, especially those that fall in the 3 to 10-micron range. The only advantage of this poor filtration system is that allows a smooth airflow system, facilitated by the loosely wound threads. However, since the updates in pleated air filters and HVAC systems, this advantage has become more or less obsolete. 


The Verdict

Obviously, pleated air filters are the superior of the two. Furthermore, while fibreglass filters may be more affordable, the damage they may cause to your HVAC system due to poor filtration may not be worth it in the long run. 

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