Picking the Best Filter For Your Dust Collector System

October 06, 2020

Dust collectors are very useful systems that improve the quality of air released from commercial and industrial processes. As their name implies, they collect dust and other particulates that could potentially contaminate the air. They are specifically engineered to take on a high-volume load of dust. They perform this crucial job with the various parts working together, including the dust collector filter elements, a blower, a dust receptacle system, as well as a filter cleaning system. As dust collectors considerably vary when it comes to design, construction, operation, effectiveness, space requirements, and so on, picking the right one for you needs careful consideration. 


How to make the right choice?


One particular thing to consider is what would be the best dust collector filter elements to choose from. This part of the dust collector system also comes in various materials and types. The bag filter itself is made differently. Dynamic Filtration provides a variety of fabric bags, each bag consists of the most carefully selected materials and is made to the highest tolerances. Some of the most common types of bag filters include hydroentangled polyester,  ePTFE laminated fabrics, among many others.


Moreover, the oil mist cartridges also come in different types. The uncollected machining oil mist and coolant can considerably cause slippery floors and collect dust on the collector itself, as well as on the walls and ceilings of the surrounding environment, thus, requiring more maintenance work. This is why it’s also important to employ this device to effectively remove submicron air contaminants. 


Ultimately, Dynamic Filtration strongly believes in higher performance by providing dust collector filter elements that are engineered with high-quality industrial air filter media. They are proven to improve efficiency, save on energy consumption, and prolong filter life. Apart from the available filter range we offer, we can also design custom filter elements to meet your unique filtration requirements. By purchasing them from us, you can ensure that your dust collector system provides the highest levels of worker safety, environmental protection as well as regulatory compliance.


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