Performance Comparison: Replaceable Vs. Cleanable Air Filters

May 03, 2021

Any business with cleanable air filters has the benefit of saving time and facility space because replaceable filters require secure storage space. With that said, businesses also receive notable advantages, such as top-tier filtering and long-term performance, with replaceable filters.


Here are five points of comparison between the performance of replaceable and cleanable air filters.



Cleanable air filters have notable durability even with repeated cleaning. These usually use polyester and supplementary fabrics to trap troublesome debris and other sediments from factories and commercial manufacturing facilities. Replaceable filters have exceptional durability, allowing them to withstand 30-90 days of consistent operations.


Filtering Capability

Replaceable filters win over cleanable filters in terms of filtering levels. Unless businesses are using customized cleanable filters, replaceable filters can filter more particles and debris until it's time for their replacement. Cleanable filters have notable filtering capacity, but washing them does not fully eliminate membrane-trapped sediments.


MERV Rating

Every filter has a MERV rating, and most manufacturer-issued air filters have the highest or sufficient MERV rating possible. Cleanable filters can have a high MERV rating, but they may choke airflow. Manufacturer-made replaceable air filters come with an ample MERV rating and guarantee good airflow.



Replaceable air filters are less expensive than cleanable filters initially. However, businesses must frequently replace them, piling up their costs continuously. On the other hand, businesses might spend a larger amount on cleanable air filters but then rack up savings over time.


Waste Management

Cleanable filters take the cake when it comes to environmental impact. With hundreds of thousands of replaceable filters ending up in landfills, cleanable filters are the more environmentally-friendly choice.


Get the Best Filters From Dependable Manufacturers

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