Panel Filters Vs. Pleated Filters

December 23, 2019

When it comes to choosing the right industrial filter, many people often overlook the differences between a panel filter and a pleated filter.  In fact, it is often assumed that cost is the only differentiating factor.


Contrary to popular belief, there are many differences that will determine whether a panel filter or pleated filter is more suitable for your applications.


Panel filters can also be called fiberglass filters and come in a wide variety of sizes. But when it comes to efficiency, the pleated type is typically more popular. Before we further distinguish a panel filter from its pleated counterpart, it helps to understand how filter efficiency is measured.


Filter efficiency is measured by the MERV rating scale. On this scale, a rating of 1 means the filter is very weak, while the strongest filters get a rating of 20.  A filter with a rating of 20 would be able to trap particles that exist within airborne viruses.


Polyester Panel Filter

The biggest advantage of a panel filter over the pleated one is its cheaper cost. Despite its inexpensive cost, this filter is still a very good protector of HVAC equipment against harmful airborne particles. If you change out the filters on your furnace often, this filter might be a great option for you.


Pleated Filter

The high efficiency of this kind of filter is due to its high dust capacity. It also offers a longer lifespan and delivers great filtering services for a very long time. Moreover, it is very effective in protecting against allergies and contaminants that can cause asthma. One of the most efficient types of pleated filters is the permanently charged electrostatic filter. It works by magnetically drawing particles that would pass through the filter element.


Considering these differences, it is important to consult with your sales representative on which filter type suits your applications better. For most industrial uses, a panel filter is perfectly functional and more cost-efficient. If you are working in a more sensitive environment, you may have to choose a pleated filter. Thankfully, its efficiency justifies its price point.


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