New Distribution Partnership with Air Filter Blaster!

May 16, 2019

As one of many industrial air filter manufacturers in the Greater Toronto Area, we recognize the need to offer a wide range of filtration products to suit applications across a diverse set of industries. In addition to producing OEM equivalent filters and our own custom filters, we have partnerships with trusted manufacturers to provide our customers access to their high-quality products.


In an effort to expand our product range, we became a Canadian distributor of Air Filter Blaster products in April 2019!


About Air Filter Blaster

Air Filter Blaster is a manufacturer of air filter cleaning products that complement products supplied by industrial air filter manufacturers. They have built a reputation over almost four decades for innovating air filter cleaning methods. Air Filter Blaster’s technology has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs while increasing engine lifespan and performance. Their namesake product, the portable Air Filter Blaster, makes use of a simple yet effective cleaning process that maximizes your savings.


The Air Filter Blaster Advantage

We choose to distribute Air Filter Blaster products as they afford customers certain benefits over similar products manufactured by competing businesses. Their products are designed for effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Here are the advantages you stand to gain from using the original Air Filter Blaster:


  • Regulated low pressure for safe filter cleaning
  • Directional air jackets for effective and efficient cleaning
  • Tall lid with multiple edges to prevent damage and eliminate horizontal movement
  • Aluminum shafts that are screwed together for a smooth finish and adjustable length
  • Marine-grade ABS plastic used for a robust and flexible rotor


At Dynamic Filtration, we have over three decades of experience in the air and water filtration products industry. We are a family-run business, and our dedication to providing excellent service and the highest quality products available on the market has made us a leader among industrial air filter manufacturers. Contact us today for industrial air and liquid filtration solutions in Toronto!

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