Most Common Types Of Industrial Air Filters

December 21, 2022

Industrial filters play an important role in many industries. They are used to remove contaminants from the air. There are different types of air filters. Learn more about them in this blog post.



Popular Types of Industrial Filters


Pleated air filters:

Pleated air filters are one of the most common types of industrial air filters. They are made up of a pleated media that is placed between two end caps. The media is usually made from a synthetic material such as polyester or glass fibre.


Panel air filters:

Panel air filters are another common type of industrial air filter. They are typically used in HVAC systems and are available in a variety of sizes. panel air filters can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, fibreglass, and metal.


Box air filters:

Air filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one type that is commonly used in industrial settings is the box air filter. These filters are designed to fit inside an HVAC system and they typically contain a pleated paper element that helps to capture airborne particles.


Cartridge air filters:

The cartridge is a commonly used type of industrial filter. They are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, and more. The most common type of cartridge air filter is the pleated panel filter, depth filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter.


Activated carbon air filters:

Activated carbon air filters are one of the most common types of industrial air filters. Activated carbon is a natural material that is highly porous and has a large surface area. This makes it ideal for adsorbing impurities from the air. Activated carbon filters are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours, and smoke.


Oil-coalescing air filters:

Oil-coalescing air filters are designed to remove oil aeros emulsion droplets from compressed air. The filter elements are made of special glass microfiber media that coalesces the oil droplets into larger drops that are then collected in a drain pan. Oil-coalescing filters are available in different styles, including cartridge, panel, and inline models.


Industrial filters are a necessity these days and it is important to source them from a trusted provider like Dynamic Filtration. Speak to us today to know more!


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