Misconceptions About Air Filter Elements

January 18, 2021

The most common method of heating and cooling Canadian homes and businesses is through a forced-air central heating system where this system relies on air ducts and vents to distribute air throughout homes. In a large central heating system, there is always a possibility of dust and contaminants present. This is why an air filter element is an important component of every HVAC system. There are many misconceptions about air filters including the idea that air filters can be left alone without maintenance, or whether all filters are made to be the same.


Here are some facts to address the following misconceptions.


Clean Regularly to Stay Effective

It is true that filters are not required to be changed often, but it is not something that can last forever. In order to operate at their highest efficiency, HVAC systems require a constant flow of air supply. This supply will have dust and other contaminants present which need to be separated before being circulated to the multiple vents in the building. If the filter element is left unchecked, dust and other particles will clog the filter which will put stress on the system.


Every Filter is Different

Filter elements are designed for a specific purpose. Some are made to trap larger particles that can damage the equipment while others are designed to increase airflow. This is why it is very important to understand which filter your application requires. Not every filter is the same, and if this is overlooked you may put unnecessary stress on your machine.


High-Efficiency Filters May Need Modifications

If you prefer to install a high-efficiency filter, you have to call in the contractor’s assistance to modify the fan output to match the restricted airflow. For example, a MERV 8 filter would require this modification if the furnace to be installed comes with a MERV 4 or lower filter rating.


Filters Only Separate Dust

To a certain degree, this is true. However, molecular particles may release unpleasant odors that can also travel through some filter elements. In order to remove odor from an air supply, special filters are designed with carbon to absorb unpleasant odors.


In order to understand more about specific air filters, contact Dynamic Filtration today. Their team of specialists will make sure you are using the correct filters for your needs.


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