Maintaining Your Dust Collector Filter Elements

December 09, 2019

Dust collector filter elements are a crucial part of your dust collector system. They work hard to capture unwanted particulates from your production line, and as such need to be maintained regularly. Not only that, proper operation and management of your system is also needed in order to reduce the amount of maintenance that you need down the line.


In today’s blog, we share some basic tips that you can follow to keep your dust collector filter elements in top shape.


#1. Inspect your filter element carefully

When it comes to dust collector filter elements, it is not enough to simply judge the filter by its apparent cleanliness. While you may find that the filter element looks dirty, this does not automatically mean that it cannot be used anymore. The filter element needs to be inspected closely before a decision can be made about replacing it.


#2. Hitting the filter is a big no-no

Sometimes, you may want to hit the filter while cleaning to dislodge some of the dust that has accumulated. This is the wrong way of going about it as this will lead to damage of the filter, and you are also putting your machine’s engine at risk of ingesting the dust. Furthermore, this method is not effective at dislodging deeply embedded dirt.


#3. Be careful when handling the filter

If you are planning to inspect the filter element from time to time, it is highly recommended that you get someone who is well-versed in how to properly remove the element from its housing to do the job. Poor handling can result in the dirt on the gasket sealing surface contaminating the clean filter element side. Either ask an expert for assistance or make sure you perform this procedure very carefully.


#4. Replace worn gaskets

Apart from your dust collector filter elements, you also have to pay attention to the gasket and replace any worn or damaged parts right away or when you are changing the element.


At the end of the day, successfully managing and maintaining your dust collector filter elements comes down to being attentive and careful. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about your filter systems!


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