Industrial Pleated Filters Vs. Panel Filters

October 26, 2021

Industrial filters and air purifiers help improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of harmful pollutants like polonium or asbestos. A quality filter also removes colloids, suspended solids, large particles, and organic molecules from indoor air. For these purposes, pleated filters and panel filters are generally used. These filters also come in various sizes and can be used to improve air quality for homes, offices, factories, or other large-scale facilities. But in essence, there are some fundamental differences between the two filters.


Here’s a look at pleated and panel filters and their major differences:


Pleated Filter


A pleated filter is a type of air filter that has a thin metal mesh that separates the clean air from the contaminated air. This filter uses pleated metal sheets, which are folded into one another to form a long, thin sheet. Taut in nature, this sheet creates a thin membrane with an endless number of folds. This design makes it ideal for removing dust, bad odour, and other particulate matter from the air, and it does so without clogging or restricting airflow.


Panel Filter


A panel filter, on the other hand, is made up of multiple screens or slots instead of one single sheet. These filters use negative pressure which acts as a suction, removing particulate matter and other contaminants from the air. While the larger particles are filtered out through the sieve effect, small particles of pollutants can be removed by more complex mechanisms like the diffusion effect. For the best panel filters that can remove even the smallest of particles, go for ones manufactured by Dynamic Filtration, the industry leader in providing filtration solutions for decades.


Major Differences


The main difference between industrial panels and pleated filters is in their construction. Industrial panel filters are made up of porous metal screens with slots in them while pleated filters are made with fibrous wire screens with pleats in them.


The material composition differs greatly as well because a panel filter has a much larger surface area than a pleated filter, making it more effective at filtering out different particles in the air.


In terms of lifespan, pleated filters gain the upper hand as they usually function exceptionally well between 60-90 days. Panel filters only last an average of 30 days in comparison.


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