Indicators of When to Replace Filters for Your Dust Collectors

February 05, 2021

Dust collectors are an essential component to any workshop, whether for a professional business or in the garage of a hobbyist. The addition of dust collectors will allow for easy workshop maintenance and enables a cleaner working environment. The filters are what make dust collectors so efficient. Dust collectors are a type of vacuuming system that requires the circulation of air. This air travels into the vacuum nozzle, through the filter and exits the collector back into the workspace. While vacuuming dust and smaller materials, the vacuumed scraps get captured by the filter allowing air to travel through the machine. However, it is possible for filters to become clogged, restricting airflow and eventually forcing the motors to work under a large amount of stress. Replacement filters for dust collectors are great to have around the workshop in case they are needed.


Here are a couple of signs when you need to change your filter.


Haven’t changed filters in a while


One of the biggest mistakes is to neglect the filter in your dust collector. For regular workshop businesses where dust collectors are constantly being used, a minor lack in performance is very noticeable so filters are changed regularly. However, dust collectors that are not used as often can sometimes be forgotten. When filters trap dust and other small particles, moisture in the air also gets trapped in the filter resulting in the possibility of mold. Mold can grow and exit the dust collector circulating with the air which can affect a smaller workshop. This is why it is important to have replacement filters for dust collectors handily available in any workshop.


Damaged filters


Usually, filters that are manufactured for industrial machinery will often be more durable. Wood or metalworking workshops will often require heavy-duty dust collectors along with stronger filters to resist the sharp particles traveling through the vacuum. However, there is always a possibility that your filters can get damaged over time due to the number of multi-sized particles traveling through on a regular basis. In this case, you may notice dust exiting the vents of your dust collector. Change your filter immediately.


So, while there could be other reasons why you need to have replacement filters for dust collectors, these are two of the most common reasons to pay attention to. Contact Dynamic Filtration Ltd today to learn more about our selection of industrial filters.


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