Importance Of Panel Type Inlet Filters

May 03, 2024
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Panel filters are a popular type of filtration system used in numerous industrial settings. However, there is a difference between panel filters and panel-type inlet filters. In this blog, Dynamic Filtration Ltd. addresses the basics of an inlet industrial filter, and why panel-type inlet filters are so crucial in numerous industrial applications.


What Is A Panel Type Inlet Filter?


Inlet filters are a robust filtration system that is added in systems to allow purified air to enter the machine. While the equipment may or may not have a more extensive filtration system within, the inlet filter acts as the first line of defense in removing harmful particulates from the air. A panel-type inlet filter is one example of an inlet filter that is used prominently in blowers, axial compressors, small turbines, and diesel and gas-powered engines. 


Importance Of Panel Type Inlet Filter


Panel type inlet filter is critical because:


- It filters out harmful particulates in the air from entering the pump/turbine/engine.
- This ensures that only clean air enters the system, improving the efficiency and performance of the machine.
- Since there is no entry of pollutants, the interior parts of an engine/pump face reduced wear and tear, leading to easy maintenance and repair.
- If the filter malfunctions or doesn’t perform properly, the contaminated air can eventually clog the machine, leading to a reduction in performance and outright damage if left undetected.
- Lastly, this type of industrial filter allows silent operation along with air filtration. Moreover, it can be customized according to specific applications.


Therefore, this type of panel filter is key in ensuring optimal operation of pumps, compressors, turbines, diesel engines, and gas engines.


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