Importance Of Changing Filter Elements On Time

February 17, 2022

In a system that uses compressed air, the importance of scheduled maintenance and upkeep can’t be overstated. Many businesses and industries take this seriously and seek to keep their air filtration system smooth and efficient. However, many companies neglect or downright avoid one aspect of maintenance, which is the regular replacement of filter elements. While it seems cost-effective at the outset, the damages that this can cause in the long run are exponential. 


To reiterate this point, here is why changing filter elements is so important.


Drop In Efficiency


Filter elements keep out a lot of harmful media and contaminants such as oil, dust, water vapours and more. Over time, these particles have a tendency to accumulate in the filter, leading to the blockage of several holes. This eventually reduces the airflow going through the filters and consequently, there will be a drop in differential pressure. Furthermore, the pressure indicator doesn’t account for such scenarios and eventually, more energy is required to operate an air filtration system, thereby reducing its efficiency. 


Risk of Contamination


Failing to replace filter elements will not only result in a reduction in differential pressure but will also lead to inadequate filtration, thereby allowing more contaminants to enter the pressurized system. For many industries using vacuum-sealed products and pneumatic equipment, this can lead to disastrous results, apart from raising production costs and probably posing a health hazard to any workers. Ultimately, it can cause a significant production and quality problem that can be easily avoided by replacing filter elements once their lifespan is over. 


Generally, modern filter elements can last up to 8,000 hours, thus, the replacement and maintenance need not be too frequent. 


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