How to Choose the Right Industrial Filter

March 10, 2020

Industrial filters play a significant role in prolonging the life of air compressors and vacuums. Additionally, they make a considerable contribution to ensuring that water and chemical pumps do not become contaminated with destructive chemicals and particles. Most often, machines break down because their filters have not been properly or frequently replaced when needed.


Indeed, industrial filters are like the workhorse of any air compression system.


As such, it is vital that you only pick the right kind of filters for your operations, in order to ensure peak productivity and efficiency.


Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting a filter:


Particle and Sediment Separation

All filters separate particles, sediments, debris, and other artifacts from air and chemicals. With that said, different filters normally specialize in filtering out certain particulates. This helps them be more efficient at one thing rather than trying to filter out everything with a lower effectiveness rate. Make sure you are familiar with the kind of particles you come into contact with most in your industry.


Resistance to Chemicals

Reliable filters are exceedingly durable, especially when made by renowned manufacturers such as Dynamic Filtration. Sometimes, filters may come into contact with possibly acidic or caustic conditions that can reduce their filtration capabilities or overall lifespan. A reliable manufacturer should be able to find you the right kind of filter that can withstand these conditions depending on the kinds of chemicals your application works with.


Compatibility with Environment

During testing and demonstrations, some manufacturers only situate filters in the ideal operating environments. However, you will need to know whether a filter will work efficiently in high temperatures, acidic environments, and other conditions and spontaneous events that may occur in your daily operations. Experienced manufacturers will have stress-tested their products, ensuring you won't deal with problematic surprises when you use them.


Dynamic Filtration has been supplying the best industrial filters for a diverse array of applications. With over 40 years of experience in the market in providing top-quality filtration solutions, we guarantee only the best results for all your filtration needs. Contact us today!

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