How to Choose Cleanable Air Filters

January 04, 2022

A cleanable air filter is a fantastic investment for businesses and properties that have a lot of vents. Your washable filter can save you a fortune which you might have to spend otherwise in replacing air filters. Moreover, washable filters are designed in such a way that they can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. However, they may not be suitable for all systems. That being said, it’s wise to understand the basics of these filters.



Here are 2 benefits of cleanable air filters.




Yearly, millions of disposable air filters are discarded all around the globe. These fill up local landfills and clog recycling centres. Therefore, businesses using high-quality washable air filters use environment-friendly products, offering a sustainable alternative.



Washable air filters are initially expensive. However, your expensive investment will pay massive dividends in the long run as the cost of regularly purchasing disposable air filters is eliminated. Cleanable air filters, particularly made by high-quality manufacturers, such as Dynamic Filtration, are an even better option as they only use the best materials to build long-lasting, washable air filters. 


How To Prevent Excessive Wear And Tear In Cleanable Air Filters?


As durable as they are, cleaning your air filters will still introduce some wear and tear. The air filter's deterioration due to cleaning chemicals plus natural degradation can significantly reduce the air filter's lifespan. But it can be avoided with a proper cleaning schedule and keeping these 2 factors in mind.


Working Environment

The working environment of the filters does play a huge role in determining the lifespan of an air filter. For instance, a dusty environment with visual airborne sediments will require robust industrial air filters that will need to be cleaned more frequently. Depending on their usage, the filters will ultimately need to be cleaned on a monthly or even a weekly basis.


Inspection Frequency

Another thing to consider is the frequency at which these air filters are inspected, for it will determine their efficiency across time. For example, machines operating daily at their maximum capacities will require high-performing air filters. Therefore, as the load on the filters increases, their inspection will also have to be very regular. Ultimately, a frequent surface inspection will help you assess the filter's dirt levels and schedule cleaning intervals promptly.


With the basic knowledge of this filter’s benefits and factors affecting its lifespan, you can now make a more informed choice based on the nature of your business and property.


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