How Modern Filters Help Companies In Achieving Higher Filtration Efficiency

October 20, 2020

In virtually almost every industry, filtration has a very valuable role in keeping things uncontaminated and pure. It allows companies of all sizes to protect their expensive investments on machinery and equipment while reducing costly repairs. The key to experiencing these benefits is knowing which industrial filtration system works best for your desired application.


Here are some ways to know whether you have the right filter system:


Since there are a multitude of different particles to be filtered, you have to determine what type of contaminants are present in your own industrial plant to select the right filter for the job. Industrial air filter manufacturers create various filtration systems to match different applications. The most common ones include panel filters, pleated filters, rigid cell filters, bulk media and pre-cut pads, and so on. With these numbers of options, what you should aim at is finding the right balance between the cost of the filtration system and the efficiency you want in filtering unwanted particles from your industrial operations.


In terms of filter material options, great innovations yielded a dramatic change in improving both the performance and value of advanced filter elements. Unlike the traditional materials that were used by industrial air filter manufacturers before, modern-day filtration media are highly resistant to wear and tear and major damages. They can prevent fibers from entering the processing system and are even capable of preventing bacterial growth. Moreover, the use of chemical binders further increases the resistance of filter elements against humidity and other harsh conditions.


Finally, a much higher filtration efficiency can now be achieved as industrial air filter manufacturers are utilizing synthetic filter media. This kind of media has solid mechanical and gradient density structure which makes them more stable even in the most challenging of conditions. As a result, the filter material offers a higher capture efficiency and longer service lifespan. This ultimately gives companies great savings from not having to repair and replace the filter frequently.


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