Filtration Systems and Their Importance for Vacuum Trucks

August 15, 2019

Handling large volumes of liquid, and hazardous materials requires industrial solutions in the form of a vacuum truck. Incorporated within this vacuum system are hydro excavation filters - designed to dramatically prolong tool life and leading to significant savings in costs. In addition, uptime of the vacuum can be increased due to the diminished need for equipment maintenance as well as fewer tool changes required.


For any conceivable task surrounding work in refineries, metalworking, and chemical plants a hydro excavation filter plays a key element in keeping the management of a project on track.  


What Are Vacuum Truck Filters?


Typically fashioned out of woven monofilament fabrics, these filters are predominantly used for the filtering of liquids that are commonly seen throughout many production environments, these include soluble and synthetic coolants, mineral oils, etc.  By being able to filter these fluids at numerous flow rates, ranging from 100gpm – 10,000gpm, they can prove invaluable in expediting the processes involved in sectors such as metal cutting. For projects where optimal efficiency is required, these filtration systems boast the capacity to be outfitted with sump pump systems (for the removal of larger volumes of water that has collected) as well as automatic chip processing.


Moreover, hydro vacuum filtration systems can be implemented where they are needed; autonomous and mobile set-ups remain popular options when working in machine centres or plants with multiple levels.



What Types of Filtering Options Are There?


The components that make up your hydro excavation filter come in a variety of options, from disposable elements to filter coarse grinding and polishing particles up to 1 micron in size, to permanent filters that are dedicated to filtering larger particulates.


Figuring out the most applicable hydro excavation filter for your situation depends on the nature of the fluid to be stored, and your operating conditions. It is important that system designers work synergistically with the application engineers involved in the project to ensure your filtration systems operates at its rated capacity to prevent unnecessary expenditures.


Working alongside a manufacturer with a history of providing reliable filtration elements, such as our ME-68K5-MC vacuum truck filter at Dynamic Filtration, gives you results for longer. We are known in the industry for providing filters with up to 30% longer operative lifespans when compared to other manufactured filters in the market. Reach out to one of our team of expert staff to find the right filter element for you!

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