Filtration Products in Municipal Water Treatment

May 27, 2019


Wastewater treatment is meant to expedite the natural process in which microorganisms in water bodies remove harmful bacteria, and thereby purify the water.


Treatment of a city’s wastewater involves two stages: the primary stage and the secondary stage. Solids are removed in the primary stage using screens and tanks into which the solids can settle. In the secondary stage, biological processes are used to purify water at the microscopic scale; bacteria in the sewage water removes the majority of organic matter. In this respect, bacteria functions much like a custom filter in the wastewater treatment process.


Harmful By-Products

The decomposition of organic matter by bacteria results in the production of gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas with a sour smell, and can be toxic to those who inhale it. This gas can also react with moisture to produce sulfuric acid, which damages wastewater treatment infrastructure. In addition to this, hydrogen sulfide gas is flammable, posing a risk to anyone working within the treatment plant.


Filter Elements Ensure Safety

Filtration products should be used within wastewater treatment plants to protect workers, as well as residents who live nearby. The implementation of stacked filter elements within a plant is an effective method for removing hydrogen sulfide. Municipalities would benefit from incorporating industrial filtration products in wastewater treatment infrastructure to help remove gaseous by-products of the water treatment process.


Municipal water treatment is one of many industries we cater to in the manufacturing of products such as a custom filter or filter housing. We provide moulded and sewn end filter elements to increase the efficiency and longevity of filtration systems.


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