Factors To Consider While Designing A Custom Filter

June 17, 2024
Custom Filter Manufacturers In Waterloo, Ontario

Industrial filters can be broadly classified into parts: OEM filters and custom filters. While OEM filters are adequate for most applications, certain specialized uses might require a custom filter. Thus, while manufacturing a custom filter, any quality manufacturer must consider a few important factors. 7 such factors are addressed in this blog.


Custom Filter Design Considerations


Match The Specifications Of OEM Filters


OEM filters are designed specifically for a range of applications. Therefore, a quality custom filter must try to match OEM filters in terms of durability and specifications as much as possible, barring a few exceptions. Some excellent examples are MERV rating, purification standards, compliance with legislation, and more.


Cost Of Manufacturing


This is a highly subjective issue. Some custom filters can be quite expensive than their OEM counterparts, whereas others can match OEM standards at a fraction of their price. Therefore, manufacturers must strive for cost-effectiveness along with quality, unless specified otherwise.


Filter Durability


There are two aspects to this. Firstly, the filter’s overall lifespan must at least match the OEM filter’s. Ideally, it should go beyond it. Secondly, the filter’s effectiveness must not be compromised. A long lifespan without proper efficiency will significantly reduce a custom filter’s utility.




Apart from being durable, custom filters must be designed to be cleaned and reused, as sustainability is a key component of filter manufacturing. 


Dimensions Of The Filter


This is the area where most deviations occur from the OEM standards. The dimensions of the custom filter can be quite different from their standard counterparts, thus requiring customization in the first place. These changes in dimensions can also change the shape of the filter cartridge accordingly.


Nature Of Contaminants


Customization also depends greatly upon the type of contaminants that require filtration. For example, in a welding filter, gaseous pollutants are a focus whereas in dust collectors, tiny molecules of solid dust particles must be filtered. Therefore, it requires a completely different approach. 


Filter Media


Lastly, custom filter manufacturers must consider the type of filter media to be used for a particular application. For instance, would a polyester filter element be better suited than cellulose, or vice versa?


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