Factors To Consider While Choosing an Industrial Air Filter

February 17, 2021

Choosing the right type of air filter for industrial air compressors can make or break your air filtration system. Air filters directly impact the efficiency and longevity of pneumatic tools in your facility. Thus it is critical to install air filters that handle the filtration needs of your business. 

With so many varieties of air filters available in the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the one that works for your requirements. 


Before you approach industrial air filter manufacturers to make the purchase, you must consider the following factors to help you choose the right air filter:


  1. Pollutants to filter out:  Your choice of a filter depends on the pollutants that you need to be kept at bay. Some air filters are apt for filtering out dry particles such as dirt, dust, heavy metal particles, etc, whereas some filters segregate wet pollutants like water, vapor, oil, etc. Keep in mind what needs to be filtered before you zero-in on an air filter.
  2. Line of work: The industry that you work with also determines the type of air filters to use. If you are into automobile bodywork, you would need a filter that keeps solid particles away. If you work in a hazardous environment and are worried about employee safety, you can choose carbon filters that filter out harmful chemical gases. 
  3. Type of compressor you use: A good industrial air filter manufacturer will always question you about the type of compressor you use to help you choose the right air filter. For example, there is a lesser need for an oil-filtering air filter if you use a centrifugal compressor as compared to a rotary screw compressor.
  4. Frequency of use of compressor: How often you use your air compressor can have a huge impact on your choice of air filters. If your air compressor operates for long hours, it could lead to faster wear and tear of air filters. In this case, choose a filter with a strong drain system.  
  5. Purification standards to adhere to:  Last, but not least, never forget to buy air filters that adhere to major purification standards, especially if your process requires you to be compliant with one. 


By answering these aforementioned questions, one can decide whether they require a high particulate filter, compressor intake filter, carbon filter, or some other kind. 


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