Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Pleated Air Filter

June 04, 2024
Pleated Air Filter Manufacturer In Waterloo

When it comes to industrial filters, there are many varieties to choose from depending on the application, one of them being a pleater air filter. Known for their larger surface area, these filters are adept at removing a significant amount of dust and debris from the air. However, before choosing the right pleated air filter, it is important to keep a few factors in mind. In this blog, Dynamic Filtration Ltd., manufacturers of quality industrial filters, explore 2 such factors.


How To Select A Pleater Air Filter?




The first and most obvious factor to consider is the dimensions. What is the length, width and height of the air filter? While most pleated filters have a standard size range, it can be necessary to customize them in some cases. Expert filter manufacturers can help you with this customization.


Filter Efficiency


The next important criteria is the filtration efficiency. Also known as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating, it defines how effective the filter is at removing contaminants. While a higher MERV rating ensures cleaner, more sterilized air, there is also a downside to it. The higher the MERV rating, the more difficult it will become to regulate airflow. Hence, it will drive up the energy consumption of any device it is fitted to. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between MERV and airflow to ensure optimal operation, unless a specific application necessitates a more noticeable bias towards one side.


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