Extending The Lifespan Of Your Equipment Enclosure

November 06, 2019

When it comes to ensuring the wires, dials, and other sensitive components of your equipment stay out of harm’s way, we often turn to equipment enclosures – for good reason. Not only this, but these enclosures can be crucial in making your equipment run the way you expect, more on this later.


It is unfortunate, then, that these enclosures are often relegated to the sidelines as nothing more than metal doors and frames.


On the flip side, even those with a more comprehensive perspective on maintenance and upkeep for such enclosures can still find themselves landing in hot water. This is because of a particular aspect that is commonly overlooked.


Adequate air filtration and temperature control - fundamental in the working condition of your equipment enclosures. There are no substitutes for accomplishing this other than being outfitted with quality, pleated air filters. Let’s look at exactly how:


Improved Air Quality

You may think that the fans and vents at your disposal are sufficient in preventing your enclosure from overheating; while this is true, the flipside to this is that an amalgamation of particulates, debris, dirt, dust, and grease all accrue and become trapped inside your pleated air filters.


Following this buildup on the interior of your filters, down the line you will invariably come to find that this accumulation hasn’t just been relegated to your air filter, but also other, potentially more vital, components too; all serving to jeopardize how efficient your equipment remains.


The lesson? Use quality air filters where possible, and incorporate them within your maintenance regime to keep your equipment and its enclosure newer for longer.


Non-temperamental Temperature

Equal in importance to maintaining clean pleated air filters comes regulating the temperature of the enclosure. Due to the nature of industrial machinery, it is common for enclosures to run hot; curtailing lifespan in a significant way.


Keep in mind that most enclosures are fabricated from metal, making it important to maintain a constant temperature due to their poor insulative capacity. As luck would have it, this doesn’t have to be a laborious or expensive protocol, utilising ambient air can go a long way in achieving this.


Simply put, an adequate venting and filtration system will ensure your equipment stays in it for the long haul. You don’t have to spend a lengthy amount of time filtering out your provider of pleated air filters, we at Dynamic Filtration have been providing filtration solutions for over 30 years throughout the GTA for industries ranging from mining to concrete production. Get in touch and see how we’re the right fit for you!

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