Exploring The Significance Of Pleats In Dust Collectors

June 20, 2022

Dust collectors are an integral part of many facilities which focus on air filtration. These devices remove a significant amount of dust and other pollutants from the air. The importance of replacing these dust collectors on time has been discussed before, with signs to watch out for. Now, it’s time to discuss the role of pleats in these dust collectors, and how they influence the filtration process. 


Defining Pleats and Their Role in Dust Collectors


What is a pleat?

Pleats, in essence, are folds of the filtering material, which are designed to increase the surface area of the material. It is important to have pleats as they improve the effectiveness of a filter, and can be increased or reduced depending on the type of filtration required for a specific task. 


There are two important terms related to pleats and air filtration that must also be explored in depth.


Pleat Count

As the name suggests, pleat count is the number of pleats or folds in the filter, which helps engineers determine the total surface area of each filter cartridge. Therefore, depending on the task at hand, pleat count will also vary, with an increased pleat count and depth signifying a more robust filtration.


Pleat Spacing

Apart from the number of pleats, their spacing is also equally important. Depending on the application, they can be wide-spaced or narrower. Wide-spaced pleats usually work best for fibrous specks of dust, as it is easy to reach the pleat depths and clean the filter. 


Generally, there is a certain calculation behind pleat spacing. If the spacing is too narrow, then the filter, although effective, will cause a drop in air pressure and lead to dust accumulation. Thus, for an optimal lifespan of dust collectors, it is best to opt for customized pleats where the spacing and count are taken into consideration. 


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