Everything You Need to Know About Panel Filters

August 16, 2021

Panel filters consist of simple frames and media with a rectangular shape. They use a simple fan mechanism to suction in dirt, debris, and other airborne materials. Usually, these panels have housings that protect both the fan and filter.



In today’s blog, we break down everything you need to know about high-quality panel filters.



First, we will start with an overview of the two main components of panel filters:



All panel filters have a frame to hold the media. Industrial-grade filters use galvanized steel or aluminum. Residential-grade frames for home air improvement use high-quality cardboard or hard plastic. Frames are always the same size as the filter's housing or vent opening.



The "meat" of a filter contains an air-filtering structure. High-quality panel filters use natural cloth or fiberglass. Pleated air filters use a high-quality synthetic cloth to remove and trap debris from escaping the filter.


So what are the benefits of using panel filters?


1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Simple panel filters are easy to set up in a corner. Once turned on, they'll start redirecting static indoor air. The filter hugely improves air quality by trapping all dust, debris, and other fragments within its media.


2. Easy to Use and Replace

Filter frames are meant to fit snugly in their housing. Once they are worn out, you can easily get the same filter from the filter manufacturer. In addition, high-quality filter manufacturers can construct an advanced filter for your system based on custom specifications. This is an excellent alternatives for anyone looking to enhance their filter's performance.


3. Cost-Effective Investments

Industrial and residential-grade filters aren't expensive because they're both standalone systems. For such a small investment, they bring great returns by purifying and keeping your local areas safe for living and working.


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