Easy Ways To Clean Your Cleanable Air Filter

February 22, 2024
Cleanable air filter by Dynamic Filtration

Cleanable air filters are one of the most popular types of air filters. These filters can be reused for relatively longer periods by cleaning them regularly. Ensuring maintenance of this air filter is crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality. Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles accumulate in the filter, reducing its efficiency. A clogged filter can lead to poor airflow and strain on your HVAC system, impacting its performance and longevity. However, how you do it is important for the durability and functionality of such filters.


Easy Means To Clean Cleanable Air Filters



Start by removing the cleanable air filter from its housing and inspecting it for any visible debris or dirt. Attach the brush nozzle to your vacuum cleaner and gently run it across the surface of the filter, making sure to cover all areas. Be thorough in your cleaning process, paying special attention to corners and crevices where dust tends to accumulate. You may also consider using a soft bristle brush attachment for stubborn dirt particles. Avoid excessive pressure while vacuuming as this could damage the delicate filter material. Once you're satisfied with the cleanliness, reinsert the filter back into its place securely.


Air Blower:

Make sure the air blower is set to a low or medium setting to prevent damaging the filter. Take the air blower outside to avoid spreading dust indoors. Hold the filter securely in place and use the air blower to blow away dirt and debris from the surface. Be thorough in your approach, ensuring all sides of the filter are cleaned properly. Pay special attention to any stubborn particles that may be stuck in crevices or corners. Once you're satisfied with the cleanliness, reinsert the filter back into your HVAC system.


Water Rinse:

Using a water rinse can be an effective method to maintain your cleanable air filter. Take the filter outside or to a utility sink where you can rinse it with lukewarm water. Gently spray water through the filter in the opposite direction of normal airflow to dislodge dust and dirt particles. Avoid using hot water as it may damage the filter material. Allow the filter to air dry completely before reinstalling it in your HVAC system.


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